The Bathroom Walls EP

by Brethren

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This is Brethren's debut EP.

Asher Johnson - Vocals, Guitar
Andrew Kirwin - Guitar, Vocals
Dylan Johnson - Keyboard, Vocals, Percussion
Alex Flattery - Upright Bass, Vocals
Brian Shultz - Bass Drum, Percussion


released August 7, 2010



all rights reserved


Brethren Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Every Lonely Word
I don't wanna be the lover who has not,
slept for days, who is phased, by every single word.
It seems absurd to you, but not to me,
these challenges are chasing and picking up speed.

*You seemed delightful when you asked for more,
I started screaming baby but the drinks fell to the floor,
Your lack of direction seems to just be holding on,
And I thought we gave in.

And I don't wanna be like the lonely cloud,
But in all these certain situations you can,
only imagine how.
I feel when you are not around, it's not as easy as it may sound.


And I've been running in and out of conciseness,
I cannot go any longer.
And time and time again, we'll ride against the wind.
And I thought we gave in
Track Name: What You Do
I would like to congratulate you,
But I know it won't bend or break you,
Here's to haunting all my dreams..
I would like to settle things down,
But it's hard to throw the better things out,
When you're stuck behind the scenes...

*Who said you go start to finish?
I know we were left there.
As long as you don't go on,
It's what you do
It's what you do

I would like to be beside you,
But I don't like to be lied to
I swear my conscience can't be cleared..
Both of us have seen the ending,
But one of us in stuck pretending,
To go on, it's the worst I ever feared..

Track Name: Saving Light
Who needs this when we go this far?
I only said you should unless you know..
But if you're there then I should take a stand,
because I am sorting this one out..

And you used to have your ways,
they're up now.

And by now we are stuck believing,
in something that is not worth our time.
But you were like the greatest thing,
But all good things burnt up with you too.
We used to laugh and throw our words around,
picking these plans of mayhem just ain't right..

And you used to have your ways..

*And now my flag is waving white,
I pulled our plug because I'm saving light.
And I surrender please be good and walk this way.
Finally a time alone, it's such a quiet day.

And we all let go of our senses,
there's no more meaning in this neighborhood.
And I promised you I'd come home soon,
but I love the way my fingers do twist.
And you wished I'd shut my eyes and run,
but now look who's happiest.

And you used to have your ways..

Track Name: Hitting Home
Now's the time when all my chances,
turn from white to black.
This color scheme of love we made,
fell til it collapsed.
And holding on like this is just a laugh,
but I can't though.
And it breaks my heart when you let go.

And I know you don't like it when I,
sing about your flaws.
But I'm not holding back, I'm not giving in
This one hits home.
And it breaks my heart when I'm alone..


And this may be the last time that you,
hear me sing straight through.
But you would rather have a drink when
I would rather have you..
And it breaks my heart..

When I'm alone,
I see things are made up..
And I give in to you.